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what up?

2013-02-22 02:48:24 by fosterCHILD16

hey guys

been gone a loooooong time i know... finally graduated and that means i have time to work on music again! Thing is, im working on this side venture at the moment so I wont be posting full songs for at least a little while but ill come on and post some demos from time to time! =)


2009-07-30 02:44:10 by fosterCHILD16

Ive had mono all summer..... im finally better but when i tried to turn on my laptop i was met with a black screen..... sadly its broken =[

those music updates i promised are going to have to wait a little longer.......



2009-06-13 20:00:13 by fosterCHILD16

Its finally summer!

haha im finally out of school which means i finally have enough time to make music!

expect plenty of music updates over the next few months!



2008-09-07 02:57:53 by fosterCHILD16

well ive been slacking...... just a lot of getting ready for college and things like that, ive also been working on my acoustic songs and my band recently (i dont know if ill post any of those songs though......) but i promise a new song is on its way! haha

Im back!!

2008-07-05 04:53:34 by fosterCHILD16

Hey so in case no one noticed, im sure no one did..... haha, ive been absent from ng for quite some time.... this is due to many things including finals and my computer crashing and taking all the work i had done from the beginning on through. I stepped away from making music for a while but im back now! Well let me know if you want me to make anything, check out my new song [gyration] and lemme know if you think ive lost my touch haha


Hey everyone

2007-09-18 23:21:05 by fosterCHILD16

hey lol

i just wanted people to check out my stuff

i need some feedback on what i should make next

by the way i take requests (thats how reggae was born)